Today I read a quote on Linkedin from The Female Lead.

“The ‘hustle’ 24/7 culture is toxic and many of us don’t have an identity that isn’t attached to our careers, education or earnings. You are enough even when you aren’t busy. Normalise resting.”

Does this resonate with you? As a family counsellor I often see parents who are hustling so much they are almost out of fuel. And I admit that I am hustling too! The very act of writing this when I should be in bed is all part of the hustle.

I set up The OK Parent Project (Facebook group) to help parents get away from the idea of ‘perfect parenting’. I want parents to feel OK about the incredible job they are doing and to recognise just how difficult parenting has become during lockdown.

As a Family Counsellor and former Montessori teacher I have a few parenting tips and tricks up my sleeve! When the going gets tough where children are conernced – I believe that communication is key.  If we can step into the shoes of children and negotiate freedom within boundaries, the whole parent-child dynamic gets easier. We also have to know when to take a break and walk away. When arguments become cyclical, it makes sense to take some time out and step back into the conversation when everyone is calmer and more open to discussion. Cyclical arguments are draining and don’t get resolved.

Basically the group is designed to make life a bit easier for parents. Who doesn’t want an easier life?! So F*ck the Hustle. Join The OK Parent Project. Normalise resting, self-care and good enough parenting.

*The OK Parent Project is a Private Facebook Group. Everyone is welcome.