Couples and Groups

Couples therapy is an incredible tool; whether you are in crisis, have decided to separate or want to maintain a healthy partnership.  We will facilitate a safe, fair and non-judgemental space where you can start to communicate more effectively.  As you start to really hear each other and speak your truth, you will naturally begin to re-negotiate.  Healthy relationships go through various stages and it is likely that you are in couples counselling because you need help with one of these transitions.  Trust that your therapist won’t take sides, but will hold a diplomatic and optimistic space for you to process some of your ‘stuckness’ (away from the day to day distractions).  All of our couples therapists have post-qualification/specialist training in this field.

Group therapy is so much more than a gathering of like-minded friends.  It is an opportunity to talk openly and really focus on the important issues we don’t get to in our day to day lives.  The group is led by a trained therapist who will carefully guide the conversation towards interesting areas that provide support, challenge and growth.  The sessions are contractual which means that confidentiality and respect are of the utmost importance and your group will form a contract at the start of the sessions to manage expectations and ensure everyone feels safe.  It is recommended that all group members have a few individual therapy sessions prior to starting a group.

You might be interested in joining or establishing one of the following groups:

  • Mixed – helpful to explore relationships and improve communication
  • Youth – helpful to explore stress, relationships and life choices
  • Parent – helpful to explore family dynamics with other parents
  • Health – helpful to explore the impact of life limiting and terminal conditions
  • Post-natal – helpful to explore the reality of being a new parent
  • Counselling trainees – explore real therapy issues (hours counting towards your qualification) whilst gaining valuable insight into group therapy