Couples Counselling

Couples therapy is an incredible tool; whether you are in crisis, have decided to separate or want to maintain a healthy partnership.  We will facilitate a safe, fair and non-judgemental space where you can start to communicate more effectively.  As you start to really hear each other and speak your truth, you will naturally begin to re-negotiate.  Healthy relationships go through various stages and it is likely that you are in couples counselling because you need help with one of these transitions.  Trust that your therapist won’t take sides, but will hold a diplomatic and optimistic space for you to process some of your ‘stuckness’ (away from the day to day distractions).

Couples Counselling can be very different to Individual Therapy which is why I have specialist post-qualification training in this field.  In addition to this training, I also work with a specialist Couples Counselling Supervisor.