Youth Counselling

Being a young person in the world today can be incredibly exciting.  And there are times when it is also difficult.  Not everyone finds school, college or their first job easy.  There is so much pressure to fit in and do well.  Social media is a great way of connecting with friends but sometimes you see things that are very upsetting.  Getting along with parents and siblings can be challenging.  Some young people have specific mental health issues to cope with such as Autism or ADHD.  Some young people are gifted with great talents and yet find the pressure to compete overwhelming.  There are lots of hurdles to navigate and it can feel like there isn’t a ‘right person’ to talk to.

At the Wellness Project we are both passionate about and have a lot of experience supporting young people. 

You can expect your therapist to be open-minded and interested in seeing things from your perspective.  You will be treated with kindness and respect and you won’t be talked down to or told what to do.   And even if someone else is paying for your therapy, confidentiality is still very important and you can talk to your therapist about this at your first session.

Please note that all therapists working with young people are DBS checked for safeguarding purposes.