Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy at The Wellness Project is a compassion-focused practice designed specifically to improve mental and emotional wellbeing.  It is not a competitive practice where emphasis is on physical development, it works on a deeper and more subtle level incorporating breathing techniques, relaxation and moving meditation.

Yoga therapy is particularly beneficial for anyone affected by trauma.  Traumatic stress rearranges the brain wiring – specifically affecting areas of the brain dedicated to pleasure, engagement, control and trust.  Activities such as yoga therapy and mindfulness have been proven to reactivate these areas of the brain leading to an overall feeling of being more at home in the body.

Following a yoga study in America some of the participants reported the following:

“I can express my feelings more because I can recognize them more. I feel them in my body, recognize them, and address them”

“I now see choices, multiple paths. I can decide and I can choose my life, it doesn’t have to be repeated or be experienced like a child”.

The Wellness Project offers Yoga Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Groups.  Corporate discounts may also apply if you are integrating Yoga Therapy into a team building event or corporate wellbeing package.